The Way of the Screenwriter deserves a permanent pocket in the backpack of any screenwriter who aspires to mastery. Beautifully rendered, fresh and deep in its examples and allusions, this book is a gift that elevates the reader far beyond the rich information it supplies. It shines a clear light through the labyrinth we all have to pass through to do our best work.
Stewart Stern (Emmy-winning/twice Oscar-nominated screenwriter: Rebel Without a Cause, Rachel Rachel, Sybil)

Ambitious enough to look beyond script mechanics and actually guide budding screenwriters to write not just competent scripts, but great scripts.
Christopher Nolan (Oscar-nominated writer/director: Memento, Dark Knight)

This is a visionary book. Amnon Buchbinder approaches plot, character and theme in an organic new way, one which will help professionals and students alike. A welcome antidote to writing by numbers.
Peggy Thompson, (Genie-winning screenwriter/producer: The Lotus Eaters, Better than Chocolate, DaVinci’s Inquest; Associate Professor, University of British Columbia)

Makes those other books read like vacuum cleaner manuals. Move them over and let Buchbinder take over.
Bruce McDonald, (Genie-winning director: Hard Core Logo, Highway 61, Claire’s Hat, Queer as Folk)

“Stories are answers to human needs,” Buchbinder states in this deeply felt book. The Way of the Screenwriter beautifully answers the needs of any student and lover of film. It is written with wisdom, compassion and an inspiring sense of innocence.
Atom Egoyan (Oscar-nominated screenwriter/director: The Sweet Hereafter, Where the Truth Lies)

“Along with Robert McKee and Lajos Egri, one of the three most useful books about the craft of screenwriting, among the hundreds available on the subject. Offers thoughtful insights into the craft which also have practical application.” 
John Lonie, Head of Screenwriting, Australian Film, Television and Radio School

This book is invaluable. Not only did it remind me how to structure and write a really powerful script, it reminded me why I do it.
Becky Hartman-Edwards (Emmy-nominated writer/producer: Larry Sanders, American Dreams, Invasion; writer: Sex in the City)

In this generous, beautifully written book, Buchbinder sets out a philosophy of storytelling that will inspire beginning screenwriters and reacquaint exhausted veterans with the source of their own inspiration. This is simply one of the best, most comprehensive books available anywhere on the art and craft of screenwriting.
Noel Baker, (Genie-winning screenwriter: Hard Core Logo, Show Me Yours); Screenwriter-In-Residence, Canadian Film Centre

No paint-by-numbers kit here, no cookie-cutter guide to mindless imitation. The Way of the Screenwriter is the delicately-wrought deliverance every thinking film writer has longed for;  a complete affirmation of screenplays as art.”  
Karen Walton, (Gemini & Canadian Comedy Award-winning screenwriter: Ginger Snaps, The Many Trials of One Jane Doe)

I keep The Way of the Screenwriter beside me when I'm writing. Part meditation, part guidebook, part how-to manual, it's the only screenwriting book that attends to the mystery of the process while offering concrete advice on story, plot, character, and theme. Once, knee deep in the mud of a first draft, it miraculously unstuck me, and I've been relying on it ever since.
Esta Spalding (Leo award-winning Screenwriter: Falling Angels; Author: Anchoress, The Wife’s Account)

This book is a revelation. Read it once to benefit from its straightforward and practical advice, and then a second time to contemplate its depths. Many writers will find a trusted friend in this book!
Camelia Frieberg (Producer, The Sweet Hereafter The Five Senses)